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We serve employers

DiyaHR is a digital health, Software-as-a-Service platform that empowers HR to predict and contain rising healthcare costs. Using data-driven insights,DiyaHR's robust analytics and management tools allow corporate HR departments to reduce spending and enhance employee well-being. As employers increasingly focus on employee experience, DiyaHR allows HR departments to foster exceptional change.

We serve doctors

DiyaMD is a budding health management platform that integrates personal health records with tools for patient engagement. Modeled after a physician's customary workflow, DiyaMD seamlessly plugs into any exisiting electronic health record (EHR) system. In addition to bridging the gap between EHRs and patient-reported information, the platform has numerous other unique capabilities, including telehealth, tracking of COVID-19 symptoms, remote patient monitoring, medication safety alerts, and automatic capture of billable services.

We serve patients

Our personal health records app, myDiya, allows a person to manage their own electronic “health diary.”It can receive data from any standard healthcare system, is compliant with personal-security standards, and can be used in emergencies as a personal “medical alert bracelet.” It allows for remote referrals, monitoring of symptoms, alerts about medications (e.g., dosage duplications or contraindications), among other capabilities. Most importantly, the information is controlled by, owned by, and travels with the patient, regardless of changes in doctor, medical plan, residence, or caregiver.

Reduce risk of coronavirus with Diya

Patients can track their COVID-19 exposure and symptoms (temperature, cough, fever, etc) from the safety and comfort of their homes. They can share this accurate history and symptom information with their family and physicians, especially if symptoms worsen. Physicians can also remotely monitor patients' symptoms from anywhere.Watch YouTube video

Protecting Your Information is Our Top Priority

  • We integrate with e-mail services; no user names or passwords are stored on our system.
  • We store health information on the most secure cloud systems available: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • We use an opt-in model: Records owned by users are never shared unless done so explicitly by the user.
  • We do not sell data to pharmaceutical companies, insurers, employers, or other businesses.
  • Our employees do not have access to patients’ records — not even our CEO.
  • We maintain a complete audit trail of all information access.

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