Achieve Greater

Clinician Efficiency

Patient Satisfaction

Health Outcomes

A digital health platform that streamlines communication with patients’ family members. It proactively delivers the right information, at the right time.

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Hospital Systems


Home Health Agencies

Inadequate family communication disrupts clinical workflows

Leads to poor health outcomes, clinician burnout, and reduced profit margins


Diya proactively delivers the right information, at the right time

Designed to serve all stages of the continuum of care


Seamless Integration

With any major EMR & AMS system

Diya streamlines family communication

Improves health outcomes, boosts clinician efficiency, and increases satisfaction



HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

Safe Log-In

  • Single sign-on
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Security alerts for unauthorized access

Protected Access to Information

  • No data is shared or sold
  • You are in control of your data (If you want your data deleted, we delete it)
  • No advertising on our platform

Secure Information Storage

  • 100% encryption
  • Immutable audit trail of all activity
  • Stored on the most secure cloud systems, not devices

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