Diya Health is a team of physicians, engineers, gerontologists, researchers, designers and business leaders

Our Mission

  • To bridge the communication gap between doctors, patients, and families.
  • To prevent medical errors
  • To reduce healthcare costs.
  • To put high quality medical care within reach of all persons worldwide, rich or poor, in cities or remote villages.
Using advanced algorithms, data science, and artificial-intelligence capability, we have developed a product that was inconceivable only a few years ago. It is a software-as-a-service digital platform for use as a personal health diary. It receives, stores, and updates all of a patient's medical information, making it available to anyone the patient wishes — doctors, family members, and caregivers. It facilitates telehealth as well as communication among a patient's health providers. It is easy to use in any language. It improves health outcomes.

Our History

What's in the name?

Diya is a word of Arabic origin that means "radiance." It has been adopted by South-Asian culture as a name for a primitive lamp — a small handmade clay bowl that, with a bit of oil and a wick, creates light. It symbolizes optimism and prosperity. It lights the dark and gives a sense of calm.
In selecting our name, we drew inspiration from a sentence in the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: "Where there is darkness, may I bring light." When it comes to our health care, there is an enormous amount of darkness — information darkness. Doctors, patients, and families often are in the dark. Our product offers lifesaving information delivered on a computer or smart phone. It is a unique and sophisticated gift of modern technology. Yet to us it also is a simple gift — it lights the dark.

Our Team

Amit Bansal, CEO & Founder

Amit is an experienced software engineer who has led large organizations that develop and deploy SaaS products. His record of achievements includes innovations, expansion, and profitability. As CEO, Amit serves as the company’s lead communicatory, fundraiser, and talent recruiter. Amit directs the company’s efforts to achieve a clear vision of healthcare system improvement.

Roman Polunin, Chief Technology Officer

Roman is a long-time software engineer and architect, having served in many different business domains writing code, working on products, and mentoring others. He's passionate about healthcare, technology, and cloud computing. As CTO, Roman leads Diya Health’s technological innovation and advancement. Roman oversees the company’s strategy and growth as it relates to product development.

Daniel Garcia MD, PhD, Executive Director of Business Development

Dr. Dan Garcia is a Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist with a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. As Executive Director of Business Development, Dr. Garcia provides essential input on technology’s role in provider workflows. Additionally, Dr. Garcia leads Diya Health’s outreach to providers, medical groups, and health systems.

Danielle Kaiser, Director of Operations

Danielle is a Master of Health Administration student at USC, where she has played a key role in health-system-level data analytics and research study development. As Director of Operations, Danielle is responsible for the execution of strategic goals. Danielle oversees daily operations and business improvement initiatives.

Wally Finley, Head of IT & Compliance

Wally Finley has over 25 years of experience managing and optimizing private and public cloud infrastructure in the medical, internet-facing, university, and big data industries. As Head of IT & Compliance, Wally oversees regulatory and contractual compliance, handling of PHI data, cloud architecture, cost modeling, and day-to-day IT operations. Wally has a Masters of Computer Science from Vanderbilt University.

Hoan Nguyen, Director of Strategy

Hoan is a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California, who has an extensive research background that addresses information communication technologies and technology entrepreneurship. Along with her Ph.D., Hoan is pursuing a graduate degree in Technology Commercialization at USC’s Marshall School of Business. As the Director of Strategy, Hoan researches and plans Diya Health’s long-term strategic goals. Hoan leads the company’s growth and future development.

Alex Tolkachev, Software Engineer

Alex is an experienced software engineer, who has worked on plenty of projects in different business domains. As an engineer, Alex is responsible for API and infrastructure development, continuous integration, building data processing tools, code review, and technical requirements validation.

Nikita Posled, Software Engineer

Nikita is a software engineer with a strong technical background. As an engineer, Nikita is in charge of UI / UX development and delivery management of our products. Besides Nikita is working on building fast and robust PWA applications for mobile devices to provide our solutions for any platform.


Diya Health is a growing healthcare technology startup. We are a team of a team of physicians, engineers, gerontologists, researchers, designers and business leaders who are looking to learn and grow as professionals. We are seeking additional team members who have a passion for improving care quality and access, are driven and hard-working, and who appreciate lifelong learning.

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