DiyaMD is a budding telehealth platform that focuses on high efficiency, high throughput, and billable patient care services. Modeled after a physician's customary workflow, DiyaMD helps physicians optimize their time to improve patient care and increase revenue. This novel technology allows physicians to effortlessly access their patient’s health information, track their health data, administer billable e-services, and conduct remote patient monitoring. Moreover, DiyaMD provides clinicians with reports and alerts, the capability for mass information dissemination to select or all patients, patient-doctor relationship support, and patient population management tools. With DiyaMD, physicians can improve their quality of care, establish their brand, and thrive in their practice.

How Doctors use DiyaMD

DiyaMD enables doctors to access patients' health records, track trendlines, perform billable e-services, and communicate easily with other doctors and caregivers. In addition, DiyaMD provides doctors with reports and alerts, enables dissemination of information to individual or multiple patients, and supports the doctor-patient relationship.

DiyaMD Capabilities


Reduce your patients COVID-19 risk

Help patients with COVID-19 — anytime, anywhere — with DiyaMD's unique telehealth and remote patient-monitoring technology.

David Pidwell

Partner, Alloy Ventures, Palo Alto CA
Faculty, Stanford University Graduate School of Business
diyaMD has the potential to revolutionize the medical records industry and become the gateway for patient-generated health information to be merged with clinical data in doctor offices and hospitals.

Rajesh K Sood, MD

Epidemiology, District Programme Officer
National Health Mission, HP, India
diyaMD is designed to help us manage immunization compliance and infectious disease outbreaks in the rural communities of HP, India.

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