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Personalized Content, Applied to Wellness Programs


Diya Wellness Engagement curates and delivers personalized content that is specific to employees’ wellness needs and goals. It’s the personalization that we have grown to love about Netflix and Amazon, but applied to wellness programs.

Let’s Look at David and Jessica, for Example


David and Jessica are employees with distinct needs. Instead of providing them with the same generic content, Diya Wellness Engagement delivers individualized recommendations to improve their well-being.

David Green

Manufacturing Department

61 Years Old

  • Low incomeLow Income Level
  • SmokerSmoker
  • StressMedium Stress Level
  • Chronic conditionsHigh Risk for Chronic Conditions
  • Primary CareNo Primary Care Provider Identified

Jessica Smith

Engineering Department

29 Years Old

  • Low incomeMedium Income Level
  • Non smokerNon-Smoker
  • StressHigh Stress Level
  • Chronic conditionsMedium Risk for Chronic Conditions
  • Primary carePrimary Care Provider Identified

HR Gets Real-Time Insight into Employee Engagement

Empower HR to Make Informed Decisions

With Diya Wellness Engagement, HR has the tools to create engaging wellness programs with a high return on investment.

Make smart investments

Measure results in real-time

Prove outcomes globally

Diya Wellness Engagement Drives Results

When employees get content specific to their needs, they engage in and improve their well-being.

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